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Martin Gieseking

About me

  • Name: Martin Gieseking
  • FAS name: mgieseki
  • Location: Osnabrück, Germany
  • Languages: German, English, Spanish
  • Occupation: Research Fellow (University of Osnabrück)
  • Main interests: XML technologies, Cross Media Publishing, computer-based music notation, music theory

Contact Information

  • Email:
  • Google Talk:
  • IRC: mgieseki
  • Skype: martin.gieseking
  • GPG key: 468E2FF7


packages I maintain

  • See here for a list of my packages.
  • dvisvgm (I'm also the developer of this utility)

package reviews

Here's a list of my package reviews.

Packager Sponsor

Thanks to the nomination of my sponsor Jussi Lehtola and the positive feedback, I've received sponsor and provenpackager status myself.
If you'd like to join the Fedora packager group and are looking for a sponsor, feel free to contact me. I usually want you to do a couple of informal package reviews in order to familiarize yourself with the packaging guidelines and the reviewing process. Here's the list of open review requests waiting for your comments. ;-)

Packagers I sponsored so far:

  • Ralph Lange (ralphlange)
  • Damian Wrobel (dwrobel)
  • Mark McKinstry (mmckinst)
  • Golo Fuchert (golfu)
  • Mario Blättermann (mariobl)
  • Brendan Jones (bsjones)
  • David Robinson (zxvdr)
  • Damian L Brasher (dbrasher)
  • Martin Krizek (mkrizek)
  • Matthieu Saulnier (fantom)
  • Stephen Gordon (sgordon)
  • Erik Schilling (ablu)