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My Fedora Events since 2014

OSS related work

I am new when it comes to fedora, I love learning...

Future plans

  • enhance my knowledge and skills about fedora.
  • concrete on translating fedora to Arabic.
  • Make events to let Students Know the capabilities of fedora all over the region.
  • Lunch and enhance the fedora project at the region(Jordan).
  • Focus especially on marketing, about Why to install fedora!
  • Invent new ways to encourage people to contribute to the Fedora Project.


Mohammed Migdadi was born in 1991 Jordan, graduated as a software engineer in 2014 for now volunteering as a Mozilla Representative to spread knowledge and opens.

For the moment working as a Software developer at ESKADENIA Software, developing Medical Insurance systems.

== Awards&Certifications ==
  • ACM honorable mansion
  • Graduated as the second student rank in 2014 batch.
  • Representative of the Month at Mozilla
  • Won fifth place in Programing contest at Jadara university
  • Mozilla FSA Certification of recognition.