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My name is Miles Kjeller, known as "Hondo_Kitsune" in some places, I'm a computer enthusiast and have been a long time supporter of Linux and the Open Source cause in general. I'm also Scottish, and proud of it :3 I'm a student at the University of the West of Scotland (Paisley Campus), where I study Computer Games Technologies. I enjoy anything and everything to do with computers, I have never used a store-bought PC as I always build from scratch (laptops excluded). I'm also an active member of the "Furry" community, I know that may put some of you off but don't believe everything you read on the news. I'm enthusiastic, polite and always happy to help out however I can.

Jobs and skill-sets:

I did my work experience as a computer technician at a small school called "Spark of Genius" in Paisley where I had to handle and maintain a large network of Windows systems (despite my best tries to slowly convert them to Linux). I also did summer work there to help them perform a network-wide system re-format for the next educational year. I traveled all over Scotland to their various centers and battled with hardware failures, pesky computers and poor ISPs.

When I was at school I occasionally assisted the main member of TechOps with minor system repairs and did everything I could to bypass network security measures (never for any malicious reasons, I just liked to have a custom wallpaper and use my own programs on my hard-disk) failing that I'd just boot into a persistent USB Linux environment and work from there. (Ubuntu/Fedora)

I am currently the back-end webmin for Kitsune Game Studios Ltd. A start-up games company run by a close friend of mine. I manage the website and keep it up-to-date and secure. The site runs the Joomla CMS and is hosted on TsoHost Linux.


> Windows 3.x through 7, along with basic Windows Server 2kx knowledge (I can run a simple Active Domain)
> Moderate Linux (I know how to use the terminal and could work in a text only environment for a bit)
> Basic MacOS System 6, 7 and OS 9 (Through old knowledge from Primary school and the Basilisk emulator)
> Moderate/Basic OSX.4, 5 and 6 (Configuring a hackintosh and using my friends MacBook)
> Android based devices (I have rooted and continue to experiment with my own Android device)
> Everything else (I can figure most things out quite quickly through trial and error. Also by using past experience and knowledge)

I'm happy to be a member of the Fedora Project and hope to be of great assistance.

Contact Me:

sip ext: 5152550