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Itzel Morales
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You can find . I work for Gul-Uca as a leader, I study system engineering at UCA. I served as the Fedora project. I would like to colaborate with many activities of fedora project. However I like to participe in activities where I can improve the participation of women in the project. In my free time I like investigate a lot about new things that help me to develop my knowledges. Know, I would like to:

  • Help with fedora women nicaragua project
  • I hope to share my knowledges with other people, and other people can give me their support when I need it.
  • I participate in women community and I like to use free software.
  • I would like to work with the group of traductors in Fedora Project.

Name: Itzel Morales I am student and I would like to develop my knowledges in free software.


  • Be an example for other women to participe in activities of free software, especially in Fedora project.
  • Invite to other people to use free software and one of my goal is help to other people to know about fedora as an interesting, useful and great operative system.