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Feature Name

User can able to change filename/Folder name in open dialog box


Most of the time we have seen. If any person wants to change filename or folder name. and he just "open file" dialogue or "save file" dialogue. We should have option where we can able to change the file name. If any person used key "F2" then file/folder need to ready to change for editing.


  • Name: Manish Runwal
  • email:

Current status

  • Targeted release: Fedora 39
  • Last updated: 27-Nov-2009
  • Percentage of completion: 0% (I am not developer)

Detailed Description

Most of the people are in hurry to make changes fast. and they don't want to leave the current screen whatever they are using. Lets say e.g. I am using kate and I clicked on save. lets say I have imagined that I want to save that name with "ABC.txt" but I found that "ABC.txt" is already their. On that time if I want to change old ABC.txt with new name then I have to open dolphin/File Browser so rename the folder then I have to change to path where that "ABC.txt" file is already their. But As you can see that this is really long process. rather If we provide option on the same screen of save dialogue or File Open Dialogue then it will be easier for any person to edit the filename. and then he can proceed with rest of his work. This will be handy tools for all people

Benefit to Fedora

This will be cool features. and It will increase productivity of the person. and reduce its extra efforts.


I am not sure about what need to be edit/added in existing system. Might be more technical person can able to comment on this.

How To Test

This is quite simple to test.

Hardware requirement : I don't think so their will be need of hardware requirement Software Requirement : Not sure. Where need to work : All applications, kate,kwrite, gnome, where ever save as, save , open dialogue.

Just open editor(or even Office) 0. write something in blank file. 1. click on file -> save 2. Next dialogue box will appear. before click on save you will see some file which are already their. just try to rename the files and folder (depending upon their rights). for renaming you need to press "F2". and see whether its really working or not.

User Experience

Whatever is renamed. it should be actually renamed.


Not sure where ever its being reflected

Contingency Plan

If the things are not working then we don't allow to edit file or folder.


  • This is simple feature for better usability. Any one can able to edit on run.

Release Notes

I expect that this feature need to added on Fedora 13

Comments and Discussion

Just started the page so don't know about discussion.