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Alan Bruce

Alan Bruce

Hi, I'm a RedHat user since RH6 and a Fedora user since Fedora Core 2, and am currently running Fedora 15 and an old server on FC4. I'm working on a degree in Computer Systems and Practice, and currently learning Java. I'm primarily here to participate in the FreeMedia project, but am looking to expand into other areas as I become able. I think I could be of use in the documentation area.


Email - muckypups [at] fedoraproject [dot] org

Fedora Account - muckypups

Location Details

Place - Dawlish Warren, Devon, UK

Time Zone - GMT

Disc Label Images

Here are a selection of images for Fedora CD and DVD media.

Discs sent so far

Here is a list of the discs I have sent so far.

FreeMedia Disc Production Workflow

This is an outline of my workflow and costings for producing FreeMedia.