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Contact Info


  • Full Name: Azhar Abdul Aziz
  • Email:
  • mIRC: myazhax or azhax (available usually at webchat, dalnet and freenode)
  • IM: ym : myazhax or gtalk : myazhax
  • Twitter : myazhax
  • Facebook : myazhax
  • Location: Kuala Lumpur or Penang, Malaysia
  • Blog : personal blog
  • Cage : MyBSD staff
  • Fedora People : HowTo
  • Local Open Source Community : mypenguin99

What means fedora to me?

I started involve using Linux (redhat 6.2) in year 2000,currently i'm using fedora as mailserver for zimbra because it's free! and also lot of the communities around the world to share the experience and knowledge :D

How do i feel after using fedora?

after i eat Fedora, i can feel's tested of YUM YUM ;)


June 2009 Fedora 11 Release Party Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

May 2012 FUDCon KualaLumpur 2012