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About Me

I'm Alan Crosswell, amateur radio call sign N2YGK. I've been involved in installing and managing various versions of Unix since 2.9BSD or so on a variety of architectures (PDP-11, IBM mainframe, IBM Risc, Sparc, Intel, etc.) and have been using Linux distros since Slackware 0.97 was given to me as a stack of 3.5" floppies.

I'm a member of the Westchester Emergency Communications Association, Inc., the Columbia University Amateur Radio Club, the ARRL, and a board member of the Armstrong Memorial Research Foundation.

My Code

I'm an infrequent/lapsed contributor to XASTIR and author of aprsdigi which I've been running since 2004 on several digipeaters. From time to time I contribute improvements primarily to the Linux amateur radio packages that I use.