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Micah Roth

US Peace Corps Education Volunteer - Philippines batch 270 (2011-2013)

Primary Project

Public high school library improvement. Specifically, I started using Fedora more heavily when I discovered it was incorporating automatic MultiSeat functionality in Fedora 17. The library I work at is in a small, rural town with no Internet access, so I'm focusing on offline-capable education programs. Hopefully, once we get some hardware, we will install a full MultiSeat library system at the school. I'm preparing the software now.

Intentions with Fedora

I am an end-user. I know basic HTML/CSS and I've dipped my toe into object-oriented programming on my own time but I am no hacker...yet. I love Fedora's focus on the community and emphasis on working with upstream. I noticed that some educational programs that I find indispensable are not in the repos, so I am working on packaging them now. I feel like starting with the community in Fedora I can learn a lot more about Linux and computers in general. When I get back to the US I will pursue work in the sysadmin field, so being familiar with GNU/Linux will be helpful.

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gtalk: relativeownership

irc: ndroftheline