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About Nathan Gaston


Some say that I currently work as a Systems administrator for the great state of New Hampshire. Along with my Bachelor degree in computer science I am proud to say that i also have the following certifications: CompTIA A+ CompTIA Linux+ CompTIA Network+ Microsoft MCSA Citrix CCA

All we know is he's called the STIG!

I started working with linux shortly after I got my MCSA, go figure... Nothing against MS I just got tired of working with the same applications all of the time. I dreamed back to the DOS 5/6.22 days. I loved the cold comfort of the command line...

Contact Information

Activities within Fedora

  • I am now an active member of the Freemedia program :-)
  • I would like to contribute even though I lack any skills for aiding in the development of Fedora.
  • All your base are belongs to us