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I was thinking if there would have been one more layer under Ambassador then it will be great. I am not denying the fact and will agree that there are many ways right now by which a person can contribute to the community , But if I am not wrong all of them asks involvement of a person to a certain extent. There are many Fedora users which don't have that much time but I am sure they will love to contribute by some way but don't have that much time to explicitly work for the community . It can prove to be a great asset for the community if we can involve those users by some way.

What I was thinking is to give a proper name to those people something like Fedora Enthusiast or any other name . There main aim will only be to share the news and updates and good things in their circle they can do this simply by posting updates on social networking websites or may be telling individually in some talks etc(as this group can involve lots of students who attends talks very often in their college) so they can distribute the words of Fedora effectively.

In the beginning we can have 5 Fedora Enthusiast under each Ambassador and they will have a liberty to select them in the beginning as they will be knowing the Fedora users around them very well .In later stage we may increase this number. To get people attracted towards this we can make a wiki page dedicated for the names of such members . And if possible we may ask Ambassadors to give a review on the Fedora Enthusiast so that we can send some Fedora stuffs to them . By this way more and more people will get attracted to this and we will be able to send the words of Fedora to more number of people .


I like this idea. It is what I am trying to do where I live in the Bay Area. We have a growing number of Ambassadors here, and we want to create a Local Fedora Community. We call it Bay Area Mentoring Fedorans BAMF 5 people sounds like a good rough idea, but it *depends* on the people. I see this as not only being able to get new users involved, but also folks from other Distros that can see how being a *Friend of Fedora* would be a great thing.