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Greetings, my nick is nix\. I started working with PC's and networks since 1997, building, repairing and implementing network layouts.

My first GNU/Linux distribution, tecnically speaking, was "Coyote Linux" for build a firewall/router on a 486, but the real contact with GNU/Linux was Debian Sarge, later a lot of many distributions and finally Fedora 12, which happened to be my main distribution until today. I like yum, SELinux, rpm package and RH stuff.

I was born on C.A.B.A., Buenos Aires, Argentina, South America.

I use RHEL clones and Fedora releases continuously, for desktop, laptop and server daily.

Things I do/work on in Fedora/RH:

  • I report bugs continuosly, about RHEL and Fedora, on releases and pre-releases, about traslations and anything look bad, beeing security bugs/PoC my favorites.
  • I test many things related to Fedora and RHEL on various VM's, using a powerfull desktop box, for report any bug to

And probably other things I can't recall now, but you can ask me at any time.


  • Native, Spanish.
  • Alternative, English.