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Nathan Thomas

Systems Administrator for Emersion Software Systems in Melbourne, Australia.

About me


My name is Nathan, and I'm a Fedora ambassador for Australia, presently located in Melbourne.

I have been running Linux on at least one desktop at home since 1997, mostly various RedHat flavours, though I did defect to the Debian camp for a few years to get a feel for the grass on the other side (It's just as green, you won't see me taking sides in that holy war). I am lucky enough to able to use Fedora at work, which does wonders for my productivity. I am fairly OS agnostic, being comfortable in Linux, OSX or Windows, so long as I have multiple desktops (and hopefully, multiple displays) to house the 20 or so programs I invariably have running, and of course a tabbed terminal interface to work in.

I rarely pop up on IRC, but if you are lucky enough to catch me, I'll be on freenode as "nthomas".


Activities within Fedora

  • I got involved in the ambassador program when I looked at the Fedora Freemedia program page, and saw no names listed for Australia. Feeling there should be someone, I put up my hand. Within the Fedora community, you can find me burning off a copy Fedora for someone about once a week. These are almost always destined to someone in Australia or over the Tasman to New Zealand. There are a few active ambassadors in Australia now, which is wonderful to see.