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This is an additional section that should be added to the existing fonts policy.

Licensing Information in Metadata

The "copyright notice" field (tag #0) of the "name" table of TTF and OTF files MUST be populated and contain accurate information. Additionally, if information is provided in the "license description" (#13) or "license info URL" (#14) fields are populated, the information contained therein must also be accurate. You can use ttname to review the metadata included with the font to check it for accuracy.

If the metadata is incorrect, packagers should work with upstream to ensure the metadata is properly populated there, so all users of the font can benefit from the corrections. If upstream is non-responsive or you are waiting on a new release for the corrections, you can also use ttname in %prep to correct the metadata for the Fedora package.

Checking the metadata with ttname

To view the contents of the entire name table of a font, just run:

ttname -a font.ttf

Correcting the metadata with ttname

You can also use ttname to set the fields if upstream is nonresponsive to your requests to correct it.

For example, you could run this in %prep to populate all the relevant fields with information contained in the package:

ttname -a --copyright="$(head -n1 LICENSE)" --license="$(cat LICENSE)" --license-url="" font.ttf