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Incomplete list of applications with some features disabled (for some legal/moral/political reasons) in Fedora. Just for my and your reference.

Name Disabled features Reasons RPMFusion
SDL_mixer mp3 support (using smpeg or libmad) ? (requires licensing change to (L)GPL) No
SDL_sound smpeg support is disabled software patents No
agg Generic Polygon Clipper algorithm was removed 'non-commercial' clause No
botan EC crypto algorithms software patents No
cairo-dock ??? undisclosed software patents' related possible issue Yes
emacs removed Tetris game possible copyright infringement No
fdk-aac Incompatible HE-AAC decoding software patents Yes
festival OALD dictionary / MBROLA dictionary 'non-commercial' clause / non-free license No
fortune-mod offensive fortunes offensive No
fuse-emulator ROM files stripped No ROMs allowed Yes
gdm disabled root login care of newbz n/a
gstreamer1-plugins-bad h.265, faad2, RTMP, HEVC and other multimedia functionality software patents Yes
gstreamer1-plugins-ugly x264 software patents Yes
gt support for encoding to ac3 was removed software patents No
httpd explicitly disabled export ciphers in mod_ssl config US Laws (?) No
httptunnel removed some docs non-free license No
libgcrypt Elliptic Curve crypto algorithm software patents and US Laws (?) No
ogre Cg support, non-free/non-distributable assets removed Cg is proprietary No
OpenCV SIFT/SURF support software patents No
OpenSSL some Elliptic curves software patents and US Laws (?) No
opal iLBC support restrictive license for iLBC No
qmmp AAC support software patents Yes
ScummVM AAC / AC3 support software patents No
sox-plugins amrnb / amrwb support software patents Yes
tcl-trf RIPEMD support non-free license No
xemacs removed Tetris game possible copyright infringement No
xorg-x11-server ctrl-alt-bksp disabled in display manager care of newbz n/a
xscreensaver barcode stripped, bsod excluded from random list, webcollage uses nonet offensive words, confuse users, may show porn No
foo bar support some reason