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FUSE stands for Filesystem in USErspace, a mechanism to allow unprivileged user to mount different filesystems w/o hitting kernel too much. See its homepage and dedicated page on Wikipedia.


Fedora ships with FUSE since FC-4. It consists from the in-kernel module, the main package, called fuse, the fuse-devel subpackage (intended only for developers) and fuse-libs package. The split of package into fuse and fuse-libs was made due to different licensing schemes - fuse-libs licensed under LGPLv2+ while fuse licensed under GPL+.

RHEL provides in-kernel FUSE module since version 5.4.

Available filesystems

The number of FUSE-based filesystems, available in Fedora, steadily growing. Currently ( Wed May 22 11:18:32 CEST 2024 ) the following filesystems are available:

  • afuse - An automounter implemented with FUSE
  • apfs-fuse - A read-only FUSE driver for Apple's APFS
  • archivemount - FUSE based filesystem for mounting compressed archives
  • barry - a desktop toolset for managing your BlackBerry device
  • bindfs - allows you to mirror a directory and also change the the permissions in the mirror directory
  • btrfs-fuse - Read-only, license friendly, FUSE based btrfs implementation
  • ceph-fuse - Ceph fuse-based client
  • chunkfs - FUSE based filesystem that allows you to mount an arbitrary file or block device
  • curlftpfs - a filesystem for accessing FTP hosts based on FUSE and libcurl
  • davfs2 - a filesystem driver for WebDAV
  • disorderfs - FUSE filesystem that introduces non-determinism
  • encfs - Encrypted pass-thru filesystem in userspace
  • erofs-fuse - FUSE support for mounting EROFS images
  • funionfs - Union filesystem in userspace
  • fuse-afp - Apple Filing Protocol client
  • fuse-btfs - FUSE filesystem Bittorrent
  • fuse-convmvfs - a filesystem to convert filesystem encodings
  • fuse-dislocker - FUSE filesystem to access BitLocker encrypted volumes
  • fuse-gmailfs - a filesystem which uses your Gmail account as its storage medium
  • fuse-overlayfs - FUSE overlay+shiftfs implementation for rootless containers
  • fuse-pingfs - Stores your data in ICMP ping packets
  • fuse-s3fs - a filesystem using Amazon Simple Storage Service as storage
  • fuse-smb - a filesystem to fast and easy access remote resources via SMB
  • fuse-zip - a fs to navigate, extract, create and modify ZIP archives
  • fusecompress - a filesystem which transparently compresses its content
  • fuseiso - a filesystem for accessing ISO images
  • FUR - an application that let the user mount a Windows CE based device
  • glusterfs-client - Cluster File System
  • gphotofs - A FUSE filesystem module to mount your camera as a filesystem
  • gvfs-fuse - FUSE support for gvfs
  • ifuse - a filesystem for mounting iPhone and iPod touch devices
  • jmtpfs - FUSE and libmtp based filesystem for accessing MTP devices
  • kio-fuse - KIO FUSE
  • ltspfs - Fuse based remote filesystem for LTSP thin clients
  • lxcfs - FUSE based filesystem for LXC
  • mp3fs - FUSE filesystem to transcode FLAC to MP3 on the fly
  • nbdfuse - FUSE support for libnbd
  • ntfs-3g - NTFS userspace driver
  • obexfs - a filesystem to access to mobile phones
  • orangefs-fuse - Parallel network file system FUSE client
  • rbd-fuse - Ceph fuse-based client
  • s3fs-fuse - FUSE-based file system backed by Amazon S3
  • sshfs - a filesystem to access remote filesystems via SSH
  • squashfuse - FUSE filesystem to mount squashfs archives
  • wdfs - a filesystem that makes it possible to mount a WebDAV share under Linux
  • xrootd-fuse - Xrootd FUSE tool
  • zfs-fuse - ZFS ported to Linux FUSE

Also, the following language bindings were providing:

Packaging rules

Due to splitting the main package into fuse and fuse-libs, every filesystem, based on FUSE, must explicitly adds the following:

Requires: fuse

to the head of its spec-file. The fuse-libs part will be automatically picked up by rpmbuild.