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This page will be used for feature DevelopersAssistant

Repository for that feature is: DevelopersAssistant

Command line arguments (not official)

There are several commands which can be run for building / installation / running project

./develassistant c -n <project_name>

This will create project in current directory like subdirectory <project_name>.

Command also automatically checks / installs RPM dependencies need by C / C++ programming.

Another commands under C Assistants are:

./develassistant c -n <project_name> --build

which creates RPM and SRPM packages

./develassistant c -n <project_name> --github <GH_username>

which uploads local git repository to GitHub

./develassistant c -n <project_name> --eclipse

which imports project to eclipse environment. Afterwards user can develop application under eclipse environment

Some notes for GUI

GUI Tool will be developed so that it will looks like wizard.

It will be used for beginners to help them understand briefly language structure and coding styles

Order and content of windows is not finished yet and can be changed

  • Selection what language tool will be installed / configured including project
  • User can select what IDE will be configure (like checkboxes)
  • Select where will be installed language tool including / examples. Selection what will be installed is under discussion.
  • Buttons with creating structure, button with creating RPM.
  • Git integration (Creating / uploading / modification)

It would be good to have GUI for creating own assistants (base on YAML configuration file)

  • specify RPM dependecies
  • specify building operations
  • specify git commands and order

Some hints for editors