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Gustavo Picoloto

Gustavo Picoloto

Brazilian Fedora Ambassador
Email: [[MailTo(picoloto AT gmail DOT com)]
ICQ 6266872

I´m Gustavo Picoloto. I´m using Linux since 1997. At the beginning using RedHat Linux and after, Fedora since it´s first version (I tried other distros but RedHat and Fedora are special distros in my opinion).
I work at an Information Security company as Security Analyst. Actually, I´m member of a project in TIM Brasil where all users and applications will be integrated in a SSO solution. This platform uses tools like IBM Tivoli Identity Manager, CA Siteminder and others build internally.
For Fedora, I help users on email lists and forums and sometimes I write Linux articles on my personal website.

Fedora Projects Involved