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Key Milestones

2010-05-25 Fedora 13 Release
Planning & Development Begins
2010-07-13 Feature Submission Deadline
2010-07-27 Feature Freeze--Planning & Development Ends
2010-07-27 Branch Fedora 14 from Rawhide
2010-08-03 Software String Freeze
2010-08-03 Alpha Change deadline
2010-08-17 Alpha Release
2010-08-31 Software Translation Deadline
2010-09-07 Beta Change deadline
2010-09-21 Beta Release
2010-10-07 Final Change Deadline--No more new packages accepted for GA--put in updates; only blocker bugs fixed after this date
2010-10-11 F14 Blocker List is clear (work backwards as many days as we need to make sure that on this day it is clear!)
2010-10-12 Start Compose Release Candidate(s) (RC) (provides three days to get it right)
2010-10-14 Releng Provides RC to QA for testing (if the RC is not ready for QA on this date, Final Release day date could be in jeopardy if testing cannot be completed in time or blocker bugs are found in the RC).
2010-10-19 QA Testing complete + Go-No/Go Meeting
2010-10-21 Stage Fedora 14 to Mirrors
2010-10-26 Fedora 14 Final Release