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Sandra Oku



Sandra has been using Fedora GNU/Linux since 2011. In a globe that is preoccupied with proprietary software, it is as liberating as it is outstanding -- which is why she likes it. It makes one feel different, like a geek (for those who like being around geeks).

The attraction to Fedora developed during her first year at the Enugu State University of Science and Technology, Nigeria -- that was in a course titled "Computer Applications in Architecture (ARC172)". The course covered software tools that enhance the practice of Architecture. The lecturer treated proprietary and open-source tools for professional work. Things became interesting when he happened to be a Fedora Ambassador ( Onyeibo). ;)

User Contact

  • IRC nick: PRICELESSchic
  • Email: ardnasafe-at-gmail-dot-come
  • Languages: English, Igbo, Pidgin-English
  • Nationality: Nigerian
  • Time Zone: UTC +01:00

Other Information

Sandra is excited about attending IRC meetings using clients that run off the terminal like irssi, preparing reports/documents with LibreOffice, and doing a bit of GNU/Linux administration -- yes, She has been installing Fedora for friends who want to try it out. She does not consider herself a black-belt geek yet, but she's working on it.


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