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It has been an interesting four years using the Fedora brand of Linux. In a system dominated by proprietary software, it is as liberating as it stands out -- which is why I like it. It makes one feel different, like a geek (if you like being around geeks).

I developed attraction to Fedora during my first year in school (ARC172), while studying software tools that enhance the practice of Architecture. Our university lecturer, who happened to be a Fedora Ambassador (@twohot), was fair in addressing both proprietary and open-source tools for professional work. I drew inspiration from him.

Recently, it's exciting attending IRC meetings using clients that run off the terminal (eg. irssi), preparing reports/documents with LibreOffice and doing a bit of linux administration -- yes, I have been installing Fedora for friends who want to try it out. I still have a lot to learn about Linux. I enjoy talking about it's capabilities nonetheless.

Other information: IRC nick: PRICELESSchic Email: Ugwuanyisandra-nona-gmail-dot-come