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== Puffi's Bio ==

I joined the Fedora project in 2015 since then I've been spending time getting to know and understand the Fedora eco system from an Infrastructure and QA test perspective

I've been a user and consumer of open source since 1998. On joining the Fedora project I have found the community to be very helpful and welcoming to new users and contributing. In my short time in Fedora I've seen a huge invest in time and resource in making the on boarding process for new users entering the community making it easier for people to get involved. I hope to be able to return the kindness and warmth I've recived to current and new members to the project.

There's a huge amount of innovation going on in many areas of Fedora currently such as Atomic a Fedora base optimized for containers. Modularization given users what type of Fedora they want, when they want it and a whole load of other projectsgoing on making it a really exciting time to be involved with Fedora.

I'm currently based in the sunny south of Ireland.