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Dear <author>,

This is a message to notify you of the fact that I have packaged your open source project '<package-name>' (available at <package-url>) into the RPM format, and am planning to add it to the package collection of Fedora. This means that it will be available for users of Fedora to install this software from the default yum repositories. The versions of Fedora this software will be included for are: Fedora <version>, Fedora <version>, and Fedora Rawhide (and thus all following releases).

This inclusion is also for EPEL (Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux, for extra information view:, which means it will also be available in the EPEL repository for users of Enterprise Linux, be that Red Hat Enterprise Linux or any derivative thereof. The version(s) of Enterprise Linux this software will be included for are/is: Enterprise Linux <version>, Enterprise Linux <version>.

This inclusion also means that it will be added to Red Hat Bugzilla (the Enterprise Linux and Fedora bug tracker), where I will become the default assignee (all created tickets will be assigned to me). This means that I will receive bug reports for Fedora and Enterprise Linux users. In case bug reports are filed, I will research the bug, and send you a proposed patch, or, if I cannot find the bug, I will file a bug report with you.

Also, I will be responsible for keeping the version of this software up-to-date in the repositories. To help with this, I will set up upstream release monitoring (which is a service provided by Fedora Infrastructure), which will notify me whenever a new version is published.

This is just a message to inform you of this action, and no follow-up or direct actions from your side are required, although you are free to send any questions you have regarding this to me (<fas-name>

I hope this provides you with sufficient information, but in case you have any questions left don't hesitate to ask them.

With kind regards, <full-name> <fas-name>