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Python Maint

The python-maint Fedora account exists for the Python Maintenance team at Red Hat.

The account is not used for any automated stuff, nor it has packager access. It is merely used as default Bugzilla contact for Python interpreters (and some other essential Python packages, such as python-rpm-macros, python-pip and python-setuptools).

Members of the team

Currently, the team members are (sorted by their Fedora usernames):


The team members are actively engaged in the Fedora's Python SIG. You can contact them via the SIG's channels.

If you need to reach the team directly, email

The team members are usually in the CET/CEST timezone (i.e. Europe/Prague).


The Python Maint team maintains RPM packages with Python (the interpreter) for Fedora Linux and RHEL (Red Hat Enterprise Linux). We also take care of and contribute to many Python-development-related tools – e.g. pip, pytest, setuptools, tox, Sphinx, or pipenv and poetry, as well as many Python libraries they depend on.

In Fedora, we are part of the Python SIG – an informal group of community contributors making the Python developer experience on Fedora one of the best ones out there. In the open, truly open-source, community-driven software (although financed by Red Hat). We release early, we release often. Fedora is often the first distributor to integrate new Python versions and make sure everything works flawlessly for the others soon.

OTOH in RHEL, we maintain an almost-unchanging but yet security-fixed Python environment for the businesses. We work in the communities, be it Python itself, the Fedora Project, EPEL, CentOS, or hundreds of projects we contribute to. Our team invents how to do things better, writes PEPs (Python Enhancements Proposals), participates in Python planning. When maintaining such projects, we often send PRs or are part of the core contributors. Yet we have open-source software of our own: automation, containers, integration tools, validators, metadata extractors, and more.

The majority of our team is located somewhere in (or near) the Czech Republic. Our team is heavily involved with the local Czech Python community as well. You can know us from Pyvo in Prague/Brno/Ostrava, PyLadies courses in the same locations, PyCon CZ, and community sprints.