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Cyril Marti

I'm living in Switzerland since 01/25/1977 when I was born. Actually I'm leaving near Langnau, which is in the Kanton Bern...

In 2005 I've finished my master studies in computer science, afterwards I've worked in the fields of data warehouses for about 1.5 years, then I've switched to IT security. Currently, I'm working in a IT security company called United Security Providers which has sites in Bern and Zurich.


  • Email: [[MailTo(cyril DOT marti AT zapp DOT ch)]
  • GPG key: 9CB0654F
  • Fedora Account: q

Activities within Fedora

Since my native language is German, I try to translate some docs from English into German. I think, doing this has several advantages for me. First, I learn more about Fedora. Then I can increase my English. And at the end, perhaps I can help the Fedora project a little bit, which helps everyone.