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During the first quarter of fiscal year 2010 (Mar, Apr, May 2009) I am working on an internal-to-Red Hat deliverable, the Community Cookbook. This page is here so I can reference people to the URL as a statement/status on the externalization of that content.

What it is

  • Short (expected to be from 20 to 30 pages formatted and printed)
  • Distilled (these are lessons learned in a short format with examples and references)
  • Valuable to anyone (but focused Red Hat upstream projects, in some parts)

What it isn't

  • New (this is stuff you may know already, and it's just all here in one location as a reminder)
  • A new wheel (why reinvent all the written theory when we can just reference it?)
  • Comprehensive (but it should link out to more material, as reference and example)