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February to May 2009 plan


  • Be recognized by ISVs as the best and friendliest place to bring their software for packaging
    • ... because we are upstream of RHEL et al and
    • ... our processes produce the best supportable open source products
    • ... enabling ISVs to gain large success with lower investments by working as far upstream as possible.

Community org

  • Regular schedule and important detail notices (underway)
    • AKA "ISV SIG Weekly Dispatch"
  • Organize regular meeetings (end of Feb.)
  • Recruit ISVs
    • Feb: SCaLE
    • Mar: CUE, SD West, MySQL Conf
    • Apr: LFNW
    • May/June OSCON
  • ISV SIG mini-summits
    • SCaLE 7x (?)
    • LinuxFest Northwest (Apr)
    • OSCON (July)
    • RH Summit/JBoss World (Sep)

Growth strategies

  • "Why care?" collateral for different ISV audiences, get in front of internal audiences, iterate/generate new from feedback -- March
    • General SIG details and wide-audience "Why?" (done)
  • Work with ISVs to get Features (March 3) or packages (4 April) in for Fedora 11 (Mar, Apr)
  • Structure for success.
    • Mailing list (done)
    • Task list (needed)
    • "Why" content (needs expansion)
    • Regular meetings (needed)
    • Group event (needed)
      • I.e. virtual summit, mini-summit(s)
    • Group schedule (or not?)