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Feb to May 2009


  • Be recognized as the best location for hacking on anything IPA
    • ... giving ownership to the community and
    • ... being radically transparent to give the community the leg up
    • ... enables FreeIPA to capture the developer/contributor mindshare by ignoring the "this is our secret marketing data" mistake

Research and initial report

  • Get embedded in FreeIPA team
    • bstevens note to prod mgr/devel team lead(s)
    • Self-intro on list
  • Assessment report on current state of Free IPA community (Mar)
    • EKG statistics + activity internal v. external
      • e.g. internal wiki v. external wiki, internal design v. external devel, barriers to participation
    • Resource focus, i.e., production v. community enablement
  • Gap analysis
    • What else is missing?

Community org and growth

  • Radical externalization (Mar, Apr)
    • Feature(s) for F11? (Feb)
    • Wiki work all external
    • Eradication of ipa-design list
      • Internal team business list is only one required
    • Marketing/PRD content pushed to external wiki wherever feasible
  • Close communication/collaboration gaps (Apr)
    • New tools or processes needed?
    • Is it easy to join and get started?
  • Increase visibility to participant community (May)
    • Fedora Planet
    • Open source publications
    • Feature focus for Fedora 11?