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Rabi Shanker Guha
[[Image:|none|none|Rabi Shanker Guha]]
Personal Information
Birthday: 12/08/1992
Birthplace: Jamshedpur, India
Home: Kanpur, India
Fedora Information
FAS name: rabisg
Fedora email:
IRC nick: rabisg
IRC channels: #fedora
Fedorapeople page:
Miscellaneous Information
Private email:
GPG key: [1]
Homepage: [ ]
RHCE Certificate: {{{rhce-cert}}}
RHCT Certificate: {{{rhct-cert}}}
Gtalk: {{{gtalk}}}

I am a a fourth year undergraduate student in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering,IIT Kanpur interested in Web Technologies, Systems and Network. I have been working on HTML, PHP, Javascript, MySQL and most recently my key focus has been on Drupal..