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Name: Radosław Piliszek
City: Białystok
Country: Poland
I'm 1st year Student of Liceum Ogólnokształcące II in Białystok.

Me and the Fedora Project

My first Fedora was Fedora Core 4. Now, I'm going to help with polish translation of Fedora.
I'm good translator and have some knowledge about computer hardware. I'm an advanced-beginner in Linux systems.
GPG KEYID and fingerprint:

[radzio@fedora ~]$ gpg --fingerprint 48E5D35A
pub   1024D/48E5D35A 2008-08-11
      Odcisk klucza = 0C8E 8948 3E09 0EED 2562  5F59 2B30 4800 48E5 D35A
uid                  Radosław Piliszek <>
sub   2048g/570111A4 2008-08-11