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Rahul Bhalerao

FOSS enthusiast and contributor to various projects. My interests and expertise include enriching existing foss products, helping people adapt free software, language technologies and their awareness, fonts, accessibility solutions, web and cloud based systems, and education.


  • Email: [[MailTo(rbhalera AT fedoraproject DOT org)]
  • IRC: rahul_b available mostly on #fedora-admin, #linux-india and #indlinux freenode channels
  • GPG key: Your key ID and/or signature
  • Fedora Account: rbhalera

Activities within Fedora

  • Major contributions towards fedora i18n in past
  • Contributed Fedora Marathi translations, lohit fonts, keyboards, rendering systems etc.
  • Maintained and contributed various packages in fedora
  • Public speaker at various events promoting foss participation, and sharing ideas on various projects, workshops on foss developments
  • Wish to create awareness about fedora, make fedora ready to use in various fields, improve the language and especially Indic fonts

support in fedora, develop community of designers

  • Work on improving accessibility features