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I was born on 15th of February 1990 in a nice country named India where I live till today. I live in the Capital of Rajasthan – Jaipur. I finished studies at a Polytechnic, which was primary oriented at Information Technology. Currently,I plan to study Masters of Computer Science / Computer Engineering at Department of Computer Science, which is part of the Pune University. In 2010 I have finished my Diploma and have obtained a Jr.Er. title. My plan is to continue with the studies at the university mentioned above.

I’m pretty interested in Computer Science. My work is mainly directed onto the Red Hat OS, which is by my personal opinion one of the best Operating Systems around. I’m currently working on the Red Hat, where I’m trying to improve it's use in the Commercial organizations as well.. Initially, I have set-up a few shell/mail/web/ftp/database/name- servers, monitoring services and so on... There were naturally some other WEB projects, but I’m not going to write about them here. I’m not a professional programmer, but so long, I've learnt in my spare time some shell scripting, C, C++ and HTML programming, and I’m also able to write some Java and Python programs. I’m able to work with SQL, mainly MySQL as well..

I am also an independent technical security researcher who enjoys working with vulnerabilities. I have been doing computer security research the majority of my time and I enjoy it. I am a security enthusiast from having interests in the field of Information and Network security and have been in computer & network security, Red Hat OS, and reversing related fields for years. As a Red Hat fan, I enjoy myself testing tools for every taste. I am always looking for new things to learn and do not hesitate to contribute as I can with valid projects. I like looking at code, which is meant to be secure and finding flaws in it. I do this so that software can be fixed and in the end be more secured. I am fascinated by what causes vulnerable code and the methods used to exploit these flaws. My primary area of focus is related to reverse engineering techniques, reverse engineering binaries, source code auditing techniques, software vulnerability discovery and exploitation research and analysis.. Everything I do is legal and it is how I will make a living in future, doing what I love to do. When I discover vulnerability in software, I commonly report it to the programmer who created the software. I am also planning to release some techniques, scripts and plug-in. The purpose of is going to focus on some of the more interesting and rarely discussed topics within that area. I also want to discuss some of the tactics and problem solving techniques I use while. For the most part, I only reverse Linux, Red Hat and BSD binaries so do not expect a whole lot of information regarding reversing viruses although many of the techniques will also apply to that area.

Personally, I would like to describe myself as enthusiastic, open minded, humble, and down to earth person. In my spare time, I like to go outside with my friends to get some good coffee and talk to each other. I like to bike and whichever sort of sport you can ever remember, since I have a good sport talent (actually, I've never did any sport as a professional). I really enjoy my time by listening good music. I have no restricted music style, since I like all sorts of music but Techno and Rap. To be honest, I don’t like reading books – I mean those, printed on paper, since one can’t press Ctrl+F and find the exact thing which is looking for :P I like exploring new places, always open to learn new things and actively engaging myself in varied activities like community works. I respect others perception of life & personal values. In my personal life, I take things as it comes and face it very cunningly & peacefully. Love, care, fun, & enjoyment are always better part of my life...

My Specialties

Data Structures, Computer Architecture, Operating Systems, Database Systems, Computer Networks, Design and Analysis of Algorithm, Software Engineering, Object Oriented Programming, User administration, Administration of Groups / Quotas / Privileges, File-systems and Uɴɪx Security, Networks Validation and Configuration, X Windows, Desktop Managers, Window Managers, Package Management, Rescue and Recovery Process, Uɴɪx Kernel, NFS, Apache Web Server, Mail Services, DNS and BIND, FTP and Internet, Bash Shell Scripting, Perl Programming Language, Performance Monitoring.


Web Designer


Rajasthan Technical University

   Information Technology, 2010 - present

G. H. Raisoni Polytechnic

   Computer Technology, 2007 - 2010

Dhote Bandhu Science College

   Information Technology, 2005 - 2007

Kendriya Vidyalaya, No. 1, Bhopal

   2000 - 2005

Kendirya Vidyalaya, No. 1, Ahemedabad

   1995 - 2000

Places lived

  • Jaipur
  • Nagpur
  • Gondia
  • Bhopal
  • Ahemedabad
  • Mumbai


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  • Skype: rajesh.nandanwar1
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