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Hi all

I am Rajkumar Gajavelly,
I am staying currently in IIT Bombay doing my Master of Technology in Computer Science,
I am fond of OpenSource momentum from a little bit time.
I can be helpful if any suggestions.

- [1] Scilab Development for Fedora
- Fond of Python,PHP,J2EE, C, C++
- Trying to participate in fedora documentation for native languages in India

Given Talks:

  • Presented a paper on "Open Source and Security Concerns" in Balaji Institute Of Technology, Warangal, Andhra Pradesh
  • Talk on Satisfiability Modulo Theories in Mathemetical Logic and Its Applications
  • Modifications in PostGres Database to preform pivot table from cummulative data set.
  • Entry in Formal Verification Approaches
    • Symbolic Simulator for Verilog
    • Study of BLAST (Berkeley Lazy Abstraction Software Verification[2])
    • etc..
  • Career in Machine Learning Concepts
    • Memetic Algorithm for VLSI Floorplanning problem[3]
    • Talk on Min-max algorithm for Tic-Tac-Toe[4]


    Rajkumar Gajavelly,

    Personal Homepage [5]

    Thank You