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I am Ramnish from Bangalore. I am interested in programming,networking,web design. I have basic knowledge about c, c++, java , javafx, html, Javascript OOP, Sql, Jsp , Odbc, computer architecture and some networking concepts. I am looking forward to gain some practical and real world experience here to make use of the things i learnt in college.


Email: mr.ramnish AT gmail dot com

IRC: Nick is ramnish. Channels i hang out :> #fedora , #gnome , fedora-india

Facebook: mr.ramnish AT gmail dot com

Blog url :

Country: India

State: TamilNadu, Karnataka

Mobile: +919880958630

Activities within Fedora

I have been a fedora user for almost an year now and i guess its time to contribute a little time for this wonderful project. I haven't done anything to fedora project YET (other than installing it for my college pals to practice lamp,nctuns ). But i gonna be promoting it with the guide of a mentor ! ;)

Current OS : Fedora 11 , Ubuntu 9.10

System  : Dell Inspiron 6400

My Favourites Linux goodies :




Mozilla Firefox

Prestro (Updating was such a pain without delta :> )