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Draft F17 Schedule with ONE WEEK ADDED, ending date of 2011-05-08

  • gives developers a full 26-week cycle in a release cycle with (a) major changes (b) holidays (c) FUDCon NA

Key Milestones

See important release milestones for more details.

2011-11-08 Fedora 16 Release
Planning & Development Begins
2012-01-24 Feature Submission Deadline
2012-02-07 Feature Freeze--Planning & Development Ends
2012-02-07 Branch Fedora 16 from Rawhide-- Branch Freeze
2012-02-14 Software String Freeze
2012-02-14 Alpha Change Deadline
2012-02-28 Alpha Release
2012-03-13 Software Translation Deadline
2012-03-20 Beta Change Deadline
Features 100% Complete
2012-04-03 Beta Release
2012-04-23 Final Change Deadline
2012-04-24 Compose 'Final' RC
2012-05-08 Fedora 17 Final Release