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Items to work on for F-13

KPackageKit Requirements

  • able to install unsigned packages, ie kpacakgekit foo.rpm (rh#532601)
  • configurations lost/reverted (bug#?)
  • multiple restart notifications (rh#542472)
  • can't do group installs (rh#537327)
  • search sucks

Knetworkmanager Requirements

  • vpn support
  • hidden SSID support (?)
  • wpa2 (fixed-mathstuf)
  • monolithic app vs plasmoid, include one, both ? default to which?
  • bluetooth/PANU support : in (kde#209624)
  • bridging, ad-hoc network (kde#219941)

KBluetooth Requirements

  • support PANU devices (kde#198235)
  • kwallet integration (kde#215443)

Phonon backend Requirements

  • wiki?

Review/Set PowerDevil Profile defaults

  • when on A/C, do *not* sleep
  • before doing powersave, wait 30 seconds
  • PowerDevil DPMS vs. systemsettings->display->powercontrol. maybe get rid of the latter one?
  • close lid on lockscreen => bad ()

systemsettings->display->multiple monitors

  • doesn't work, get rid of it?


  • doesn't work if samba isn't installed.
  • subpackage, with dependency on samba ? (*)
  • or not package at all recommend/use system-config-samba ?


  • add feature to be able to disable system autostarted items

(ie, copy /etc/xdg/autostart/foo.desktop ~/.config/autostart/ add Hidden=true)

F-13 Feature Pages

  • KDE PolicyKit-1 (jreznik) - 100%
  • KDE-4.4 (jreznik) - 100%
  • kdevelop4 (mathstuf)
  • Phonon PulseAudio integration (kkofler) - 100%


  • cmake-2.8
  • drop NO_RPATH hammer


  • patch/build sip for python3 support (dmalcom)
  • once we have sip, build _with_python3 should "just (mostly) work".