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excerpt from freenode #kontact, Tue, Apr 28, 2009

[13:22] <rdieter> quick question, for new users with no ~/.kde, how/why does kres-migrator run?  I looked in kconf_update scripts, autostart, nada.  any hints?
[13:23] <rdieter> I'm trying to optimize first login (esp to make first autologin to a livecd faster, by avoiding a seemingly needless launch of kres-migrator and akonadi)
[13:24] <tmcguire> rdieter: I think it is auto-launched when accessing the kresources classes, but vkrause knows the details.[13:25] <vkrause> yep, that's exactly what happens
[13:25] <vkrause> probably caused by krunner's addressbook plugin
[13:25] <rdieter> ok, I can look at the code.  any advice how to skip/avoid this?

[13:26] <vkrause> the code is in kdepimlibs/kresources/ somewhere
[13:26] <vkrause> the best way to avoid it would to ship the the correct config I guess
[13:27] <vkrause> ie. have the compat bridges set up already and a corresponding config for kres-migrator to not set them up again
[13:30] <rdieter> vkrause: ok, that points me in the right direction, thanks.  would making that behavior the (upstream) default be welcome?
[13:30] <vkrause> delayed/on-demand addressbook loading in the krunner plugin might help as well
[13:31] <vkrause> rdieter: anything that improves initial setup/migration is of course welcome
[13:31] <vkrause> it's a case we don't really test that often...
[13:31] <rdieter> alrighty, let's see if I can help here without breaking anything... :)