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FAD EMEA 2008 - Proposal: Public Fedora merchandising store for Europe (and NA)

  • Problems
    • There's no way for end users to buy Fedora merchandise except for events or if they create their own
    • We can't offer too many different products at an event (because of space at the event, space and money for the stock)
    • We can't offer merchandise at all events
    • Not all end users who'd like some merchandise have the possibility to visit on of our events
    • We don't have the man power to send merchandise everywhere and deal with service requests
    • We can't create e.g. a single t-shirt for a customer - we'd need to order bigger volumes but that takes time
  • Proposals
    • Create an online store at for Europe
    • (Create an online store at for NA)
    • Create store.fp.o with the links to all 3 shops (EU, NA, FR) as the Store SIG intended to do
  • Advantages
    • End users finally get their merchandise
    • We get some $ for each item sold
    • Spreadshirt deals with the stock, money, delivery and service
    • Spreadshirt reportedly offers higher quality products than other such shops
    • Fedora-FR already has a spreadshirt shop
  • Disadvantages
    • Prices are a bit high for e.g. a t-shirt, but fair (for merchandise) - shipping costs are very fair
    • Someone would have to take care of new items and the money flow
    • Because we earn money with this, a NPO must stand behind this (no problem in Europe, but in NA?)