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F/Red stands for Fedora/Red Hat Electric Devices.

There are, currently, none or little devices made specifically for Fedora. The goals of the proposal are:

  • Generate an open hardware specification for various electric devices; tailored specifically for Fedora.
  • Generate conceptual art around those devices.
  • Develop a proposition.

In general, the idea is to design laptops, cellphones, audio players and any kind of modern devices that could be built for Fedora. There is a latent market of ~34,000,000 unique IPs  ;)

Raw ideas

Laptops and PCs

  • Upgradeable hardware.
  • A native GNU & Linux keyboard. I dislike the windows logo on my keyboard.
  • 100% compatible and optimized hardware.
  • Fedora Art on it.
  • Linux native keys on the keyboard.

Audio Player

  • Plays open formats (ogg, webm, flac, etc)
  • Upgradable (hdd, memory, processor, etc)
  • Sync all (contacts, pictures, movies, music, etc)
  • Share music (streaming, p2p, etc)
  • Creative Commons Friendly (jamendo,, etc)


  • Android and/or something tailored for it?
  • SIP clients


  • Open formats
  • shareable
  • syncable


  • Web enabled
  • Upgradeable (hardware and software)
  • Open Formats