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Stefano Figura
Stefano Figura
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Birthday: private
Birthplace: Italy
Home: Sweden
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FAS-Name: returntrip
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Private Mail: returntrip AT
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GPG/Keyoxide: E8D9210D206385D6
Mastodon: @returntrip
IRC: returntrip on Freenode in
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Stefano Figura

I am a Fedora Silverblue users since version 30. My first experiences with Linux happened several years ago when I purchased The Linux Bible book (circa 1996). At the time, I was unable to run X on my [OTI67] (or maybe it was an OTI77?!?), so I gave up and started using other OSes (OS/2 WARP, Windows etc).

I went back to Fedora in 2006 when I started using Fedora Core 6 and I used Fedora for a few years until, in 2010, I moved over to Arch Linux. After spending a few good years with Arch Linux, I felt the need to return to Fedora, mainly because I felt it offered very sane defaults and also because it was quite up to date compared to other Distros (Ubuntu/Debian).

In the last year or so, I have started contributing to the Fedora Project, mainly to the Fedora Silverblue Docs but I also have packaged around ten rust libraries. I know it is not much but it is a starting point and I plan to contribute more over the coming months.