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NAME : Zeeshan Saeed Paracha
AGE : 25 years Old.
Location : Karachi, Pakistan
DESIGNATION : Linux System Administrator / I.T Consultant for implementation of modern infrastructures.

Interests :

Only computers , in any way , Operating Systems , Different Platforms , Networking, Hardware , Softwares , specially Quality Management Systems and virtualization ,

Work Experience:

Well i have tried my self in many fields and proven my self with satisfactory results but i only listed my real achievements in life as being a citizen of a country that still fighting for basic necessities of life

  • Worked as a Network Administrator on win 2000 server platform since 2000 in more than 8 organizations
  • Worked as a chief hardware technician /Proprietor in my own organization for about 4 years ( then sadly i have to shutdown my organization due to personal problems)
  • Did research on EDTA Medicine and chalition therapy with Dr. Anjum (owner of Norwich Pharma USA in Pakistan and achieved proven results
  • Managed four ISP-Shared Internet Cable Projects at Karachi
  • Worked as an ISO 90001:2000 Lead Auditor/ Business Development Executive
  • Now working as an Linux based services provider on a small scale (recently started)

Switching to Fedora-Linux from windows and other *nix:

As i wrote above in my experience that my major work is on windows platform but in year 2001 i have developed my interest towards open source platform and i started my learning *nix , since then i shifted to different operating systems including redhat , freebsd , openbsd , ubuntu and finally i got break with Fedora Linux :) which is best flavor of linux among such a competition where u can see new operating systems every day . The best part of Fedora-Linux is a hassle free community support and free shipment of easy to use interface.

My Fedora Linux experience:

At first i install the Fedora release in start of 2004, on my home pc and then i decided to take it for a career ending job, now i have spread Fedora Linux to almost 4 working organizations and including internet cafes, Internet Cable/Broadband Networks and gaming zones, currently i m maintaining 13 Fedora based servers with different releases in Karachi - Pakistan.

My future plan to promote Fedora - Linux:

Currently i m working on Free Fedora Shell Server Access (FFSSA) for students, users and New Comers and soon you will see the registration link of [Free Fedora Shell Server Access] here on my wiki

Current Fedora Problems and Bug Issues :

I m totally satisfied with Fedora 11 and 12 releases free editions and running my servers with out having any problem but Fedora 9 in early releases had lot of bugs and hanging problems but as being a hardware experienced and understanding with general trouble shooting, help myself a lot in making my servers runing like thunder storm and hassleless.

My current servers runing following services with 99.9% uptime and stability:

  • Squid Reverse Apache 1.3 and Apache2
  • counter-strike dedicated server (non-stable)
  • dns cache server with open dns
  • dyndns based domain
  • internet sharing
  • samba
  • nGircd server
  • sshd server
  • xen virtualization
  • ispconfig hosting control panel
  • Asterisk Server
  • Email Server

One Truth About My self

One real truth about my self is i have not a single certification of computers( in any how) and i learned every thing from google and yahoo search engines :), This year i want to get appear in RHCT/RHCE and i am confident that i'll get the certification

Thank You Very Much Fedora Project and its sponsor RedHat

I'm thankful to Fedora Project for providing such a nice, free distributions, with community support and free downloads even without knowing me and million of its users :) now my life is switched to Fedora-Linux based track

For those who believe in help

If your nature like me and believe in helping people, then come forward and contact me ASAP as i need help to help others like us,

Free Shells Orkut Community and #freeshells irc channel on Freenode

I own #freeshells on freenode and freeshells community at orkut(dot)com where u can get many free unix shell access providers list, i believe free shells are the best starting point before switching towards any new open source Operating Systems from you Dang window box !!!!!!!

NAME : Zeeshan Saeed Paracha
DESIGNATION : NetWork Administrator Director Operations
COMPANY NAME : AyarVoice Call Center / Virtual Tech Pakistan.
IRC NICKS: RHCT/RHCE Researcher/Shani
IRC # CHANNELS : #Fedora, #Fedora-Pakistan, #Redhat, #Fedora-Ambassadors, #Facebook-dev, #FFSSA PHONE # 0092 323 2483387
Skype ID: support.incharge EMAIL :,
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