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This page is intended to record QA:Fedora_13_Install_Test_Plan test results for the FIXME milestone.


This page tracks test results against the Fedora 13 FIXME build. Test results against other Fedora 13 milestones can be found at Category:Fedora_13_Test_Results.

What To Test

Save bandwidth
If you already downloaded previous physical media ISO images, you can save time by downloading delta ISO images.

Who's available

The following cast of characters will be available testing, workarounds, bug fixes, general discussion ...

Add or Remove a Test Case

  1. Please request review for your changes by publishing your test case for review to test list.
  2. Once reviewed, make your changes to this document
  3. Finally, update QA:Fedora_13_Install_Results_Template with the same changes.

Post Test Results

Want to share information about something you tested? Please click edit to add test results. All test results are posted using the format specified Template:Result.

Test Categories