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Sanjeev Gopinath V

Sanjeev Gopinath V

Hey guys! My name is Sanjeev Gopinath and I luv to be called Ricardo Slafford. I'm living in Chennai, capital city of Tamilnadu, India. I'm presently doing my IIyr. B.Tech Computer Science and Engineering at SASTRA University situated in the temple town of Thanjavur, India. I'm basically a good programmer and I was introduced to Windows in my childhood. Till then, I've always dreamt of an operating system in which I would seldom use ctrl + alt + del and feel the power of a computing system. My dreams were never realised till I entered the college and got used to Fedora Linux! I've done a couple of projects in C,C++,VB and Php and I mainly work in the world of Open Source! I'm one of the executive member of my college's open source community, GLOSS.

Why Open Source?

Right from my first day of my college I had a great love to this computer technology. Man has created millions of technologies and when comes to ranking, computers stand at the top. The main functionality of any computer is due to the power of the operating system which is installed in it. Day by day we see a lot of software in the market!! Almost all of these come with a price tag and get us on with their low quality products. This is the single reason why I suggest open source is a better option. Open Source gives students like me and developers like the Fedora team or any other software team to work together for a single cause! "Give quality software at and that too for free!". This is such an amazing idea which will overpower anything out of the market. Linux is one such system software (Operating System) which has evolved this way. Live and let live policy does help. Its not that the poor people become more poor, and the rich more richer! Human beings are born to sustain this, and open source is the key to success. To be frank, fedora is such a great flavour of Linux which has changed a lot of people's life! A great operating system for free, does mean something and when someone helps for our improvement, I feel its my duty to contribute back! Hence I've joined this innovative Fedora Contribution program.


GLOSS (The GNU-Linux and Open Source Community) of SASTRA is one of the biggest of its kind in South India. It was started 4 years ago and has been going on a successful path in increasing the awareness of Linux and Open Source products. At GLOSS, we organise a lot of events including seminar series, workshops and install fests. We've a separate mailing list which is an active discussion platform for the members of GLOSS. GLOSS has also been gifted of an open source lab which runs Fedora Operating System and Solaris for Cluster based projects. We also do a lot shows in our college WADIO (wifi-radio) about the process of contributing to the open source.

Last event conducted was: Lets try linux season 1, an event to drive non-linux users to try Linux systems. You can always redirect to my blog for happenings and archive posts about GLOSS.

My Plans

Right now, we've got semester holidays. So I'll have to be a little passive and need to wait for a month to start my job. As we always do at GLOSS, I'd like to integrate fedora in the following things...

  • Seminars that'd show up the power of fedora
  • GLOSS Saturdays - Workshops relating to hands on experience with Fedora and other Open Source OSs
  • GLOSS Sundays - Technical assistance and support to Fedora and other Linux users
  • Lets Try Linux Season 2 - A special seminar series for increasing the number of Fedora users by explaining right from installation to configuring wifi drivers.
  • Encourage students to participate in the contribution process

More Info.

Events Conducted

1. This event was to introduce Fedora 11, explain its cool features and show demos on Electric lab. Event Wiki.