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Marie Nordin
Marie Nordin
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Location: Rochester, NY, USA
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About Me

My name is Marie Catherine Nordin and I am a freelance artist, designer and maker. I live and work in Rochester, NY, with my cat Miko.


I first became involved with the Fedora Project in the fall of 2013 when I heard about Gnome's Outreach Program for Woman. I applied to become a Fedora Badges intern and upon acceptance I participated in the seventh session of the OPW program. During my internship I designed over 70 Fedora badges. I designed the Fedora Badges Official Style Guide. I created a 'Design Resources' page on the Fedora Badges trac to supply the community with the style guide and badge content.

Since the completion of my internship in the spring of 2014, I have continued to stay involved with the Fedora Badges project. My total Fedora Badges live on is now over 100!

Recently I have begun getting involved in other small Fedora design projects, such as creating assets for the new page.