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hi! welcome to my little corner on the www. i'm a linux user since 1995 and have had on and off relationship with the open source base on what ticked me. from redhat 5.2 up to Fedora, i have tried all linux distros. of all of them only two kept me hooked and they are Ubuntu and Fedora.

lately I have concentrated on Fedora since it's the distro that has always installed, and working, right out of the box for all my hardwares. at the moment i'm using Fedora 10 on my Samsung NC10 netbook (the perfect 10) and am very happy with it.

now for some of you i will be familiar since i was an ambassador for a few months, joined the infrastructure team, got disappointed, and left.

i'm back and not joining any team (yet). hoping i could contribute in my own little way by editing the wiki/docs, and helping in the forums. also interested in installers specially from usb sticks, handing out usb sticks with Fedora live installed, "user experience", and anything that piques my interest.

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