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Hello World !

My journey with Fedora got started with version 7.0. Before using Fedora, I had used Mandrake, knoppix, ubuntu, suse, and windows. I had passed Bachelors in Computer Engineering (2002-06) from C.U. Shah College of Engineering and Technology, Surendranagar, Guajarat, INDIA.

I am an OSS enthusiast who wants to spread messages of Richard Stallman to every students in colleges. Back in 2005 I had started a technical group 'eTechies' where I used to share open source dev news to students.

I have worked at IIT Bombay as a research assistant, and in many Indian startups. Thankfully, I was successful in continuing my fedora love everywhere.

Today, I want to help Fedora to grow rapidly in Indian engineering colleges. I am open for reaching out to colleges, as I am doing an educational startup in India.

Any kind of help in spreading Fedora magic will be appreciated.

I can be reached at ritesh[dot]linux[at]gmail[dot]com

Cheers, RA