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Rick Tessari

I am technology enthusiast, computer gamer, and entertainer. I work 3rd shift for an ISP (MetroCast). My job is technical support. I enjoy talking to people, especially making them laugh. I am involved in community theater (musicals, drama, comedy, etc) in my town: Wolfeboro, NH USA. I also sing/scream with some musicians from around the area. I have been gaming since DOOM came out and have loved First-Person Shooters ever since. My favorite series is Half-Life, I loved Opposing Force, Blue Shift, Counter-Strike, and a long list of other mods for the game.


  • Email:
  • IRC: Rixx #fedora, #fedora-ambassadors, #fedora-games
  • Fedora Account: Rixx

My History With Linux/Fedora

I first tried Mandrake and Red Hat in high school, I had lots of free time, so it was easy to take the time to learn it. Then at college I lost sight of what was important for a while, and wasted a lot of time. I did, however, try Slackware and Suse and Fedora Core(and Knoppix which totally boggled me the first time i saw a live-on-cd OS). I got quickly frustrated with NDISwrapper and had much trouble with wireless networking(I had stopped network classes in high school when wireless was brand new). I was impressed with the flexibility of WINE. Two years ago, I started using Fedora full-time. I had run out of money/patience for Microsoft and focused heavily on learning Fedora. I loved yum, and wireless networking was no longer new and buggy. My favorite part was the compatibility of Steam through WINE, Counter-Strike runs beautifully. I am now an avid fan of Fedora and want to spread the word to computer users of all skill levels, and perhaps provide some support towards new users and those on the fence about whether or not its worth spending a fortune on the newest version of Windows.