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My name is Luis and I am new to Fedora (late last year), not so new to Linux and quite less so to Unix. I've been impressed with Fedora and its community, with a desire to finally jump into serving a project. Having been introduced to BDD and exploratory testing I became interested in QA work. I thought Fedora would be a good place to pursue those interests while contributing to a project I've quickly grown to admire.

I recently joined the Fedora CommOps and QA testers group. Installing, running fedora-easy-karma and combing through the community's documentation left me impressed with the onboarding process. The CommOps team have been welcoming and good at helping me get settled into the community. I see myself serving best in matters of the community, culture and storytelling.

My hope is that in observing, learning what various members are actively working towards I can find specific areas within Fedora's community, writing and helping to move the mission forward.