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Hi everyone,

I live in the Rocky Mountain area; I love it here in these mountains. I have lived all over the western United States but I love living here the most. I have been using Fedora off and on since version 7; I still have all of the operating disks. I have been using a really old computer as my primary Fedora machine. That machine recently crashed so I bought another used shell (Dell Optiplex 754) and installed Fedora onto that computer. It did not work as first so I installed Version 7 which went right in. I searched the web for problems installing Version 16 on this computer and all I could find was a problem with the reboot process. So I tried it again and this time I went into the bios made a few changes and toned down my video card so it was read properly with the Fedora Install and it worked.

I have been a windows computer tech since 1996 where I quickly climbed to the tier 2 and then to tier 3 and then as a supervisor for my team. This radical climb took about 4 months but it was a lot of fun. I was very intense at that time of my life then I took a year off work while I had my carpel tunnel surgery on both hands. I took a “chill pill” and my family then moved to be closer to our children and our grandkids so I now work in the IT training field for a major medical company. I specialize in training people that are not technically minded. I enjoy the challenge that I get out of that type of work.

I have been involved with computers since the early 70’s so I have watched this business grow from large main frame computers to tiny hand held devices. It has been a real fun ride. I have been a computer programmer, in basic, visual basic, COBOL, FORTRAN, dos, Java, Java Script, C and C++. I have worked in technical support, as a hardware technician and as a trainer. So I know about the hardware we are using and about the software that goes with it. However, I have to say that I enjoy training the most. I have done all of this with out a formal degree from a college or university.

I have recently started to take classes in UNIX to better understand what I am doing and how to do more. The more I learn about UNIX the more I like it. I have always enjoyed working with computers; they seem to be a part of me. While I am learning a lot in these classes; a lot of it I already knew.

I am also taking classes on web design, creation and management. I currently have several web pages that I have built and enjoy to work with. I enjoy building web pages from scratch using the code rather than a web page building program.