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This page is currently a draft. Once it's vetted through QA and the Atomic WG, it'll move to a more permanent location

Atomic WG Objectives

The objectives of the Atomic WG are to:

  1. Release a new OStree and images every two weeks
  2. Ensure that upgrades to the latest release work
  3. Ensure that rolling back to a previous OStree works

2 Week Release Criteria

Installer iso must work

All Fedora Atomic Host installer images must boot in their supported configurations.

Atomic host must setup storage

All Fedora Atomic images (Installer and the various images) must correctly instantiate the storage pools for the installed container runtime.


When a new ostree is composed, it must be possible to upgrade to it with an existing host via both the atomic host upgrade and rpm-ostree upgrade commands.


After upgrading to the latest tree, it must be possible to downgrade back to the previous tree with both the atomic host rollback and rpm-ostree rollback commands.


After installing or upgrading to the latest tree, it must be possible to deploy an older version with the atomic host deploy and rpm-ostree deploy commands.

Package Layering

After installing or upgrading to the latest tree, it must be possible to layer additional packages using the atomic host install and rpm-ostree install commands.


On virtualized atomic host images cloud-init must support the following features:

  1. pass user defined ssh key into the guest
  2. set hostname
  3. run arbitrary user defined scripts

Container runtime

On any atomic host the installed container runtime (which is currently docker) must be able to run containers.

Container Service

The container runtime service must start properly.

System Containers

The Atomic Host should be able to run 'system containers' without problems. This is a two-step process - pulling the system container to ostree storage and then installing the container to the host. A good example of a system container is the etcd image.

# atomic pull --storage ostree
# atomic install --system --name etcd
# systemctl start etcd
# systemctl status etcd