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This guide explains how to prepare a sub-project status update for the Fedora Council.


Historically, a Fedora sub-project is supposed to give periodic status updates to the governing body of Fedora (the Board initially, and now the Council). Recently this requirement was discussed and formalized on the council-discuss mailing list. The status report should cover the high level activities of a sub-project. Mainly, these three things:

  • the current state of the subproject
  • future plans
  • things the team needs from the rest of the project
    • any blockers we can help unblock
    • big resource requests?

The goal is to keep the Council up to date on the inner workings of the project as a whole, as well as to provide an opportunity for sub-projects to request assistance. These reports will be recorded on video and transcribed so the community can participate in a variety of forms.


Currently these meetings are done over Hangouts (though other solutions are being investigated) so they can be broadcast and recorded. At a minimum, the presenter will need to have the following ready for a meeting:

  • Slides (template is here)
  • Account on Hangouts
  • Microphone


It's best to discuss the report in a sub-project meeting a couple weeks in advance in order to get the most up to date information. Also, keep notes of any questions asked at the last report so you can address them in a later report.